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Monday, March 20, 2006

a "V A L I A N T" effort
review by Marcelo Picalomino

Housed under simple surroundings and attire, a trio of actresses of different descent weave their way through multiple dialects and an array of personal stories consisting of humor, pride, fear and tragedy. These diary-like tales, filled with subtle but sharp and truthful points, of view are based on transcriptions of women exposed to or direct contributors to various degrees of war and its effects. The audience is taken through the journey of these womens lives, which is layered visually with projections explaining each story's type and process of achieving it, while being spun orally through a series of group sessions of simultaneously overlaced pure emotional content.

Some of which seemed to affect both the crowd and the actresses themselves.
A lovely night where the truth pentrates time and censorship though I admit to agree with my partner that the accents at times are distracting and almost offensive.

The Laurie Beechman Theater is located inside and downstairs of the West Bank Cafe 407 42nd St at 9th Ave. MP the Infamous

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