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Monday, March 20, 2006

"One Man's War" is a Tale for Us All.

Imagine marching down American History back 30 or so years into a different era, into the story of the 1960's through a soldier's own eyes and through the blood pumping in his heart; this play does just that, along with havings some almost psychadelic light and sound effects during which you nearly find yourself about to jump into the action at any moment.

The actors are bound cohesively in action and dialogue. They tell stories, chit chat , goof around and express heartfelt emotions in such a familiar fashion with one another that the idea of the unit really rings through. These soldiers trained, ate, slept, fought, and died together and the actors really did justice to these character they portray.

The story follows group of gang members given the choice to risk it in jail or to play a hand in American foriegn affairs as Marines, having the chance to come back with some honor and without the life-long stigma a yellow rap sheet would put on them. These street hustlers know a better deal when they see one. Though they never expected to leave on the spot they never the less leave obediantly cracking jokes along the way.

We see them transport themselves on stage back in time, from being on the open streets of NY's wild wild West Side, a hoard of rowdy rascals and thrill seekers swiftly shifting back to the murky haunted existence of Vietnam where these silent, pensive, embittered men have nothing but death + survival on the forefront of their existence. The main character narrates and leads us through this time warp but with discipline, humility, and candor and by the play's end, starting through a small hum falls into line with his comrades during a beautifully sung rendition of Civil War song "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" in this fantastic touching true tale of friendship and heroism in and out of tough times of war. Hurrah.

Premiered at the Hartt School, University of Hartford New Play Festival on May 9, 2002 this run was recently re-incarnated at the Triad Theater at 158 West 72nd Street. Call 212-362-2590 for info or go to Thanks - MP the Infamous

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