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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

PHENOMENON by Evan Robert Pohl

On May 18th, 1980, at 8:32 am, Mt. St. Helen erupted. It was discovered the blast destroyed 229 square miles of forest. The resulting mudflows, pyroclastic flows, and floods buried valleys nearly 17 miles away. The volcano’s ash purportedly shot 12 miles high and fell as far east as Montana and as far south as California. These facts are undisputed. However, beyond the catastrophe’s physical data, what failed to make the report was the unquantifiable: the human condition.

PHENOMENON, the new multimedia work from the OBIE award-winning HERE Arts Center and The Nerve Ensemble, uncovers the theoretical effects of one of our nation’s largest natural disasters. This brilliant new piece, written by former theater critic GORDON COX, combines modern dance, digital media, and song to investigate the geographic and spiritual damage left in the wake of Mt. St. Helen. Set 24 hours before the eruption, PHENOMENON follows the lives of six colorful and engaging characters, including an enigmatic, David Lynchian cowboy crooner (MARSHALL YORK), a nihilistic waitress and Joy Division devotee (REBECCA HART), and an anesthetized and lovelorn reporter (JULIE JESNECK), as they come to terms with their debilitating contradictions and clandestine truths.

With standout performances from YORK and JESNECK, affecting music by LANCE HORNE, and masterful direction from ALYSE ROTHMAN, PHENONMENON, a revelation of theatre that outshines Broadway’s best, should not be missed!

HERE Arts Center, 145 Sixth Avenue, March 3rd – 25th
For tickets call (212)868-4444 or visit

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