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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Nosotras Lo Hacemos Mejor!/We Women Do It Better! By Maria Perez-Martinez

So what exactly do we women do better? Well, according to Roberto Ramos-Perea’s play, Everything! From learning not to live like our parents to knowing how to change when after our mistakes, we women do it better.

This hilarious one-woman show (oddly enough - written by a man), showcases the life of Teresa Allyson Perez (played remarkably by Merel Julia). In a workshop that the audience is attending, Teresa teaches us life’s by using her own life as support. As she says, you have to live everything yourself. Everything Teresa talks about and teaches about, comes from experiences within her own life and she can therefore, teach us what not to do. And by us, it’s mainly women I’m talking about.

Still, while the show is geared toward women, there are many moments within the show where the men become involved. Teresa talks to them and throws questions at them. She simultaneously tells the women what not to do while showing men what it is that they actually do.

Throughout her life, Teresa reveals how everything around her has had to do with men. As a child, she idolized her father (drunk and abusive as he was) and for most of her life, found herself running into men just like him. Teresa’s lessons (and there are many!) are used in order to show women (and some men) what we look and act like from an outsider’s perspective. Because while it may be Teresa’s life we are watching, every person in that audience related to at least one of her stories, if not more.

But why, how and when are women better? Because they learn from their mistakes, they change their lives with this newfound knowledge and they keep it with them permanently. This show is inspiring, funny and fantastic for any person who would just like to debate why women are better…because we are.

Thalia Spanish Theatre
41-17 Greenpoint Avenue
New York

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