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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Reviewed by: Nicholas Linnehan
Nicu's Spoon, a non for profit theater company, premiered Cherish by Ken Duncum. This melodramatic story of two gay couples trying to raise children is thought-provoking. Duncum's script is overly dramatic and too episodic at times, detracts from the power of the play.
However, Alvaro Sena (Tom) does an excellent job of finding honesty in his portrayal of a man trying to raise a child after his best friend betrays him. He fills his acting, with bravado, passion, and urgency. This makes him a delight to watch!
Despite partially Duncum's flawed script, Cherish will stir your emotions and make you laugh. The content of this play outweighs the manner in which it is being told.

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