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Friday, February 29, 2008

FRIGID '08: Stuck!

Reviewed by Amy Freeman

A woman makes her way into a basement bathroom in a coffee shop somewhere in Manhattan. It's dark, and she fumbles for the light switch. When she finally gets the lights on, she finds herself in the most disgusting bathroom ever. The woman, Kiki, decides to give it a go, out of desperation. However, the grossness of the bathroom gets to her and she ultimately decides to take her chances somewhere else. Unfortunately, the lock on the door has somehow broken, trapping her inside. What follows is her inner monologue, which highlights her long list of insecurities—with her looks, her friends, her husband.

“Stuck!” is pretty funny at times (although, given the circumstances, it occasionally relies on bathroom humor). Kiki is a ridiculous character, a parody of a socialite, popping whatever pills she has in her bag, desperately calling 411 to come save her, except she doesn't know for sure where she is. Isn't that Homeland Security's job? The premise is a bit contrived—but, the performer/writer, Jennie Franks does make an innovative attempt to bring her play out of the world of desperate housewives and to actually examine the stereotypes, and for that she deserves applause.

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