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Saturday, May 13, 2006

3Graces’ Spring Shorts 2006 Review by Elizabeth Devlin

“Seven short plays tell relatable, human stories from a woman’s perspective, and the production provides uproarious comedy side-by-side with thought-provoking, and sometimes disturbing insight.”

An evening of short plays is often a mixed bag. The 3Graces Theater Co. however, has produced solid block of entertaining and thought-provoking pieces, where some works shine and all entertain.

Pieces that stood out included Remind Me Again by Sharyn Rothestein, I Think You Think I Love You by Kelly Younger and Roller Coaster by Kayla Cagan. In Remind Me Again, Elizabeth Bunnell’s character Miranda is deeply affected by a stranger’s attempt to kiss her randomly on the street. Asking questions such as what is the difference between harassment and flirting and the line between feeling flattered and feeling violated, this piece made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt. Chelsea Silverman and Annie McGovern are hysterical as Miranda’s coworkers who try to convince her that this “invasion” was a perfectly normal and non-threatening act. One of the best lines in the show comes when they try and convince Miranda that she is totally safe during the day: “Rapists are like hedge-hogs – nocturnal.”

I Think You Think I Love You, Nitra Guttierez performs what amounts to a 10-minute monologue as she relays her actions and feelings as she deals with the death of her mother – and her sister’s insistence that Mom’s ashes be spread with Henry the cat’s. She carries it off with true aplomb and is both touching, honest and true as she pours her heart out to a complete stranger.

Roller Coaster is the most disturbing piece of the evening, as a brother and sister walk on an emotional tightrope to communicate. The sister, played eerily and wonderfully by Catherine McNelis, has obvious violence/familial issues and a love for her brother crosses many lines.

The entire evening was entertaining, and all the actors involved brought talent and insight to their roles. 3Graces is definitely a theatre company to keep an eye on, for if they consistently produce works as solid as these, they cannot let you down.

Spring Shorts 2006 runs Saturday, 5/13 at 3pm and 8pm, and on Sunday 5/14 at 3pm at the Milagro Theater at CVS Cultural & Educational Center at 107 Suffolk Street, NYC.

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